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Relaxation Maintains My Sanity

Relaxation photoWorking from home, staring at the computer 8-10+ hours a day, managing a family, running a household and working part time on the weekends can really put my brain on overload! Sometimes by the end of the day I almost feel as though I hear a sizzling sound in my mind.

I have a ton of responsibilities and obligations, but it is mandatory I take at least 3 days a month off! (Yes, I should probably take more. At this point though, 3 have been rejuvenating enough.) When I refer to “days off”, I’m talking about not going to my parents for dinner, no laundry, no cooking dinner and NO COMPUTER! I don’t necessarily have to be a couch potato (although that is what I usually do), but allow the brain a little time free of major stimulation. Give the poor organ a rest during consciousness every once in awhile!

In addition to taking days off free of responsibility, it’s also imperative to take time for yourself. As a parent I know how impossible that seems. Most of the time I have a small someone handing me the toilet paper when I’m using the bathroom. I know “me” time is far and few between. But in order to maintain sanity, “me” time is necessary! Taking a bath, painting my nails, watching my favorite show or a movie alone, doing anything in silence feels so liberating. Going out to eat with a girlfriend or running to the store to buy myself a new outfit or even better…shoes, makes me feel happy and refreshed.

There is ALWAYS something to do and fitting in time for myself is absolutely a challenge. Being the organizer that I am, I pencil in “days off” or “Dawn time” as I would any other task or appointment. I consider it to be a very high priority and generally don’t budge unless it’s an emergency. I have no problem telling my friends or family “NO”, I can’t do something because I’m busy doing nothing that day. I don’t feel bad and they understand. Reason being….If Mommy’s not happy, nobody’s happy!

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Better Days

Originally Written: September 25, 2008

All changes in life are challenging. I always feel a sense of detachment when closing one door and opening another. These feelings result in my inability to see the bright side in newer situations. For some reason, if it isn’t some drastic accomplishment, I tend to notice the losses first rather than the gains.

While I worked my previous full time job, I worked third shift. Perhaps it would have been tolerable if my significant other didn’t work a job with crazy erratic hours as well. Often the kids were bounced from sitter to sitter. Several nights a week they had to sleep over at one of their grandmothers’ homes. It really hurt to put my kids through that, especially my oldest who had to go to school all day.

I took the negative and turned it into something positive by working hard towards building a VA (Virtual Assistant) business so I could put an end to the insanity once and for all. The adjustment has been very emotional and I’ve experienced disappointment. But I focused on the the things I lost rather than the things I accomplished.

I have finally begun to see the light. Yes, Barney may “babysit” a few hours each day, but my kids are at home every night sleeping in their own beds. They are getting adequate sleep and not being bounced around all over the place. My oldest daughter now has the ability to participate in the extracurricular activities she’s been wanting to do because I’m here to provide the transportation. I get to enjoy three meals a day with my little one. I give her all of her baths and change all of her diapers. I’m finally a full time mom. There is no better job in the world. There is no price tag on happiness and being here with them brings me all of the joy in the world. I wish I could freeze these moments.

Perhaps it’s human nature to initially focus on the negative during major life transitions, or maybe it’s just me. But I’m happy to have finally seen the light and feel the gratitude for the changes I have created for MY life! 🙂

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