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I often hear the questions, how do I get traffic to my blog and why would anyone care about what I have to say in a blog? I will get to the traffic portion in a moment. I don’t care who you are or what you write about, someone WILL read your blog. Obviously the more informative and valuable information you provide, the more readers you will gain. But there are WAY too many people around the world surfing the net with infinite interests to assume that no one will read your blog. In my opinion, it’s impossible.

As far as building traffic to your blog, I don’t have super high numbers, but I get traffic. The unique visitors to my blog range from 100-300 per month. Ultimately, that is my own fault for not posting more frequently. There is always a spike in traffic when a new post is generated. The truth is I dislike content writing greatly. I’m more of a talker. 🙂 But I continue to maintain a blog because it helps my potential clients get a feel for who I am and what my skill levels are. I have had excellent feedback from leads gone clients because they were able to feel my personality bleed through my words. To me, that’s invaluable! I’m attracting like minded people and probably deterring the others, which is exactly my goal.

I’m going to share the methods I use to build my blog traffic (outside of the large amount of traffic I get from the link to my blog from my About Me page on my business website). I find building blog traffic to be very similar to building traffic to a general website.

Signature-In my e-mail signature line there is a click-able link (with the http:// included) to my blog with a compelling tag line. For example, “Find free resources and valuable marketing tips”. I also include this same signature in any forum, group or social networking site that allows it in their terms of service.

Link Exchanges- As a result of online networking, I have met many wonderful people. I have been approached a few times from people who have found my blog insightful and were interested in link exchanges (putting each others’ links on each others’ blogs). If I like their blog then I accept. I frequently see traffic coming into my blog from their blogs. Perhaps I could be more proactive and seek out link exchanges more often, but I just don’t have the ask for something mentality.

Blog Directories- Just like website directories, there are a ton of blog directories. If you google “blog directory” you will get endless results. Submitting your blog to blog directories increases your backlinks and should bring in traffic. I get quite a bit of traffic from one specific directory, Blog Surfer. Blog Catalog & Technorati are pretty good too. Here is a link to a good post on the, “20 Essential Blog Directories to Submit Your Blog To” written by Loren Baker. Additionally, not that it is necessary because the search engines will index your blog anyway, but you can add your blog to Google’s Blog Directory. Bing and other search engines probably have the same thing.

Feeds-Many major networking sites have applications to feed your blog to your profile. My blog feeds through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and every other social networking site I have a profile at that allows it. I find this helpful because although I don’t participate in every networking site I belong to, my profiles are still updated with fresh blog posts/news. (Note: the hyperlinks above are to instructions on how to link your blog to those social networking sites.)

Pings-For networking sites that don’t have feed applications, you can set up a ping. A ping is like a messenger that lets sites you subscribe to know new content has been added. You can set up pings at Ping-o-matic or Ping.fm.

Search Engines-I get a fair amount of search engine traffic. My posts are all related to my industry, therefore my content is relevant and keyword rich for the audience I am trying to target. (Something the search engines love!)

Comment on other Blogs-I have found that when I surf through other WordPress blogs and comment, the blog authors usually visit my blog in return.

Good Content- I am going to touch on content once more before I close. Good content is key. Yes, I believe all blogs will get traffic. But if you want reader loyalty, provide informative information with a personal touch. Give freebies…trade secrets, reference guides and give viewers a reason to bookmark your blog. Be honest, sincere and true. Let people know the “who” behind the screen. It’s not all about the product or the service. It’s the “who” behind the product and/or service that sets us apart from our competitors. I really believe all and all, this is what blogging is all about!

For ideas on what to blog about, visit 10 Simple Ideas for Writing Blog Posts


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10 Simple Ideas for Writing Blog Posts

One of the things I struggled with most when beginning to blog was coming up with ideas for content. The pressure for an award winning and valuable post caused writers block and resistance. Then I began to tell myself, it’s just like writing an e-mail. I’m not getting graded and the value of each post is simply based on opinion.

The next issue  was to write about. Well, this turned out to be a lot easier than I had made it out to be. The options for blog content are limitless. Here are some simple ideas on writing tips for creating blog entry content:

Google top news-What’s going on in the world today? Find the latest news related to your industry or business in general and create a post with your 2 cents.
Search forums for frequently asked questions-If you know the answer to a frequently asked question, write a post about it and every time you see someone ask again in the future, direct them to your blog post. It can be something as simple as what’s your favorite e-mail host.
Write How Tos-This one is super easy! Not everyone is computer savvy. As a matter of fact, I have friends that don’t even know how to add an attachment to an e-mail! You can write about how to do ANYTHING from creating an excel spreadsheet, how to use sorting and formulas, how to scale images in photo manipulation software, how to use WordPress 🙂 etc… How Tos are probably the easiest solution when you’re not feeling very creative.
Story telling-Share experiences. We all have them daily, both good and bad. This is another endless opportunity for ideas. Discuss challenges, accomplishments and just plain old situations. Although your life may not seem interesting to you, it’s comforting for others to know they’re not alone despite the circumstances.
Ask Questions, Seek answers-We all run into uncertainties. We may not be sure what’s the best option for our clients, products or services. We may have conflicting ideas on policies, operational management or marketing. Write about it. Ask for insight. Try to engage your audience. You may not get any answers, but at least you tried. PLUS…you can get two blog posts out of it because later you can go back and discuss the solution you came up with. 😉
Summarize/Recap an Event-If you participate in a webinar, teleseminar, e-course, speaking or social networking event, take notes. Even if it’s information you already know, take notes anyway. Someone had that event for a reason. It was obviously worthy of your interest or you likely wouldn’t have attended. Then when it’s time to blog, you can use those notes as a guideline for your post.
Surveys-Surveys are interesting and can be used for just about any topic. If you’re like me and belong to WAY TOO MANY groups (LOL), take a poll. Post 5-10 questions to one (or more) of the groups you belong to about something you’re interested in (i.e. How do WAHMs schedule their days? How do you avoid distractions? Do you like working from home? Do you feel working outside the home would be easier?) Then create a blog post with the questions and percentage of answer results.
Resource Lists-Share your resources. We all have them in the web geek world. Posting valuable resources is an excellent way to gain blog traffic. If you provide good stuff, it’s very likely that post will be bookmarked and visited often. If you don’t think any of your resources stored in “favorites” are of value, think again. You can also search delicious bookmarks or if your a Twitter geek like me, there are valuable resources being posted all day long!
Reviews-Another endless source of ideas. Love it or hate it? Outlook, Yahoo Sitebuilder, WordPress, Blogger, Google Calendar, Coke or Pepsi? I think you get the jist.
Tips-Perfect example…this blog post. Share tips and ideas on how you’ve dealt with challenges or what helps you get through something a little easier.

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