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Gain Control of Your Business by Outsourcing
Many small business owners experience an array of emotions from the moment the idea of self employment is born. Initially there is fear, excitement and anticipation. A business plan is created and the steps are carried out. Commonly, overwhelming anxiety may be experienced when productivity is high. There is a low cost solution to relieving some of the pressure.
In the beginning, the joy and excitement of starting a new business brings about much happiness and eagerness. Although afraid of what the future holds, one proceeds to achieve their dream. Determination sparks motivation, igniting energy to put plans in motion. Planning and marketing strategies require extensive time and research, but ambition tackles it without hesitation. Months of hard work pass as business is anxiously awaited.
Sooner than later, after foolish mistakes and lessons learned, consumers become steady. As a result, marketing strategies diminish and focus becomes overridden by day-to-day operations. As business continues to grow, prospective leads are overlooked. Managing so many aspects of a company alone eventually becomes impossible. Clients sense the tension and anxiety. Customer service suffers.
There is a solution. Outsourcing administrative operations can be beneficial to small business owners in many aspects. Virtual Assistants (aka VAs) are computer savvy professionals and generally small business owners themselves. They can empathize with many experiences of being a business owner starting with the birth of an idea. VA’s are experienced at marketing and organization, and can put these business elements back into place. They are usually skilled in most general office services and can lighten up the load of day-to-day tasks. Stress for the small business owner reduces, improving client relations. Consequently, revenue should begin to increase.
Virtual Assistance is not a cheap escape route, although it can still be a cost effective solution. VA’s are business owners themselves. They pay for their own health benefits, office supplies, equipment and maintenance. There are no costs for sick or vacation time. VAs are paid for physical working time only. There are no breaks to the vending machines, lunch room or potty. When productivity is down, the choice of independently handling administrative tasks is an option. All in all, it takes money to make money.
Outsourcing administrative operations to a Virtual Assistant can benefit small business owners in many ways. Owning a business should produce wealth, along with positive feelings of happiness and fulfillment. Utilizing the available tools can lead to pursuing a dream into a reality.
Author Resource:
Dawn Lawson is a Virtual Assistant, owner and operator of At Your Service Freelance Administrative Support. She strives to help other business owners fulfill their dreams of success and happiness by relieving some of their administrative pressures. Visit her website at http://www.freelanceadminsupport.com.
This article may be reprinted as long as it is published as is, without any changes and Author Resource must be included.

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