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How Social Media has Helped my Business

A friend of mine asked if Facebook has helped my business. I get this question a lot and being a fan of “re-purposing” for blog entries, I thought I’d share my response.

Facebook has absolutely helped my VA business! Actually, the way I have it set up is my Twitter account feeds to Facebook (both are publicly indexed by the search engines if privacy settings are adjusted accordingly) and I spend most of my time on Twitter.  At the end of the day, social media is social media so I guess it doesn’t really matter where you spend your time as long as you’re participating. What I like about Twitter is it’s easier to follow a specific target audience and since I’m a chatterbox, I like the ability to chat back and forth with people.

A few ways social media helps my business:

  • Increased traffic to my website & blog – I always see a downward spiral when I’m not active.
  • Higher search engine results that are keyword specific – so when someone is searching for a VA that does say WordPress web design, by constantly posting working on a #wordpress web design, I’m more likely to return in search results.  And now that real-time search has come along, it provides an even greater advantage. (That number sign is a hashtag which is similar to a tag you would use in a blog when used in conjunction with a word to allow people to find specific keywords by search.) For more information on boosting search engine rankings by using Twitter, check out this article by Search Engine Land.
  • Turning business acquaintances into friends-I have SO many friends all over the world that I correspond with on Twitter. I love making new friends and growing relationships. I am a total people person. Eventually they are likely to be awesome referral sources (or turn into clients) and often valuable resources for things I need in MY business.
  • Credibility-Many leads gone clients tell me that they checked out my Facebook & Twitter account and were inpressed with my authenticity. It allows people to know me before they consider my services. If they don’t like what they see, I’m sure they move on which is my goal. Love me for who I am or leave. This has allowed me to attract like minded people so my clients & I get along great! Plus since I offer social media management as a service, if they like what they see, they’re more likely to contract me for social media management services.
  • Gained exposure-I am always profile building. Anytime I stumble across a quality social networking site, I build a profile. Nowadays, most social networks have an application for a twitter or facebook feed. So although I may not be able to participate on every social network, my profile is constantly updated and shown in a time-line allowing me gained visibility.
  • Lastly, All of your big names are on Twitter & Facebook. You can find industry related news & info, but what I love best is that if I’m ever stumped on something, I can throw a tweet out there and most of the times I get the answer to my twitter replies in minutes! It’s like a direct connection to a customer service agent. I love it!

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Search Engine Optimization 2009

I know I am kind of a dork when it comes to Search engine optimization (SEO). I subscribe to a lot of SEO blogs and newsletters and try to stay up to date on all of the latest SEO news and gossip. I guess I just assume that everyone has the same addiction, so when I make a statement about the Google algorithm changes that began in the beginning of this year and people look at me like I’m crazy, I wonder why no one else seems to know about this??  I want to share my resources and spread the word. I would love to know what other people think about these changes and wonder what types of alterations SEO professionals will be making to their services.

The following video with Bruce Clay: “Ranking is Dead” from the 2008 Pub Con in Las Vegas provides a great overview of what I found to be the most significant changes in search results and Page Rank.

In Conclusion:

I don’t have a full understanding of what’s what in the way of terms. What I do understand is that Google has made a major advancement in technology and the way search results are returned.There is a Universal Search system that blends listings from video, images,  news, books and local listings into their main web search results. Crawlers are now able to convert soundtracks to text, pull text out of flash files and jump into the middle of videos. They are using IP addresses, third party cookies and other things to track search history and provide more relevant results based on past inquiries, causing results to be biased. Demographics also contribute to the bias of our search results.

    What does this mean for me?

    First of all, I think it’s time to invest in a web cam! It sounds to me that video is going to be a standard for SEO.  If I want to get those top results, my chances will be a lot less likely without video(s) on my website. (It’s important to make sure you use keywords in your video titles, descriptions and tags.)

    Being a Virtual Assistant, demographics biasing the results may impact me. I will just have to continue to work on getting traffic to my website from inbound links.

    All in all, I think it will be very interesting to see what 2009 brings us in the way of Search Engine Optimization. Just when we finally think we have a grasp on it, the search engines outsmart us!

    Bruce Clay, INC.
    Web Pro News
    Search Engine Land
    The Forrester Blog

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