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I am a proud mom of two beautiful daughters ages thirteen and two years old. They are the reason I breath and the force behind my beating heart.

My Girls

My Girls

The most important thing in life to me is my family. Every thought, action and behavior revolves around being the best mom,  daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend and so forth. I love to love and I love with all I have.

I have a very strong faith in God and work hard at trusting everything will all work out even when times are extremely tough. I try to always act with good intent utilizing love, compassion, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, understanding and (my biggest struggle) patience.

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Professionally I am a Virtual Assistant, owner and operator of At Your Service-Freelance Administrative Support. I love helping others. I find it very rewarding contributing to others’ success and reducing their stress and anxiety of self employment.

dial911-11 I’ve spent a lifetime in the hospitality field and several years as a 911 Operator and Dispatcher. I loved the Public Safety field but unfortunately it was not the friendliest environment. If at least half of the personnel acted out of goodness perhaps I could have tolerated it, but it just did not work out that way. I took the lemons and made lemonade. My administrative experience provided me the tools to embark on a new journey. It feels fantastic to be appreciated again for my hard work and effort.

Part time I work at an establishment that has diverse live music from Big Band Jazz, Folk, Country and Blues to Latin and Rock and Roll. Music is medicine for the soul! The talent of musicians blows me away!

I hope you enjoy a little glance of what goes on in the mind of Dawn Lawson 🙂

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