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How-to Install a Joomla Update from cPanel

  1. Go to Joomla.org and click on DOWNLOAD JOOMLA GET THE LATEST VERSION (in the right column) to view the latest release.
  2. From the Administrator panel of your Joomla Website (top right hand corner) check which version your website is running on.
  3. Go back to Joomla’s latest version and click on, Download other Joomla x.x.x packages ».
  4. Find the version your website is currently running on and download the package.
  5. Sign into cPanel.
  6. From Backups, create a back-up of your home directory and MySQL database (Recommended, not required).
  7. Go back Home and go to File Manager.
  8. Create a folder  by clicking on New Folder in the public-html webspace (Verify by confirming “/public_html” is next to the home icon) and call it “upgrade” (or whatever you like).
  9. Upload the new file package into that folder from cpanel by clicking Upload>Browse and then locate the file.
  10. Upon completion extract the files by clicking “Extract”.
  11. Select all of the files. Click the “Move File” button.
  12. Make the file path at the bottom of the dialog box to: public_html (no folder, no “/” after the name), and initiate the move.
  13. Go back to your Administrator panel and refresh the page to confirm the newest version is now running.
  14. Create another back-up of only the home directory. (Recommended, not required.)

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