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Microsoft Office Professional Outlook 2007 & Accounting Errors

I am happy to say that I finally have my “business operations plan” implemented! Yippie!!
I have all of my business contacts and projects in one database on Business Contact Manager. After a series of conflicts for months, thanks to Sean Wheeler of SmallBizTechnoGeek I am up and running.

I was having all sorts of issues with Microsoft Office Professional 2007 & Accounting.
-Outlook constantly stopped responding.
-Messages kept getting stuck in my Outlook outbox.
-Business Contact Manager kept freezing up.
-Outlook “stopped working” whenever I tried to export my business contact manager data.
-BCM and Accounting were not integrating customer information.

I tried to resolve the issues by:
-uninstalling and reinstalling
-verifying my business e-mail server (SMTP) was pointed correctly
-verified BCM & Accounting were on the same database
-Downloaded service packs MSXML (KB936181), (KB941833) and (KB954430).

Finally I sucked it up that I am NOT even close to being an IT professional and asked Sean for help. He responded right away and was eager to resolve the issues for me immediately. He had me build a Net Administrator Account on my computer. From the new account I ran the set up for Office from the beginning. I started everything over from scratch. It was a little bit of a pain, but now that everything has been configured I couldn’t be happier.

The Accounting Software is not exactly what I had anticipated it would be. There is a PayPal plug-in. I was under the impression that I could send and receive payments via PayPal, directly from the accounting program and it would all post in the database. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work that way. I have a little more research to do but from the way it looks, the PayPal plug-in is just an image attached to the bottom of an invoice with a link to PayPal’s website. (Anyone who uses PayPal knows it is very user friendly for clients to bill them directly from the PayPal Invoicing.) When a payment is received, you have to download and import the transaction into Accounting in order for it to apply.

The Accounting 2009 PayPal plug-in does not allow sending payments, which is how I pay some of my vendors. It does not support importing payments sent to vendors via PayPal either.

Overall, I am very happy for what has been accomplished. My new system may be a little time consuming, but everything will be organized and organization makes me a very happy camper!

(Added 01/26/2009) I just came across the directions on building that net admin account. There are security issues, therefore if you’re on a shared computer it’s most likely not recommended.

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