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I had a very productive week last week! I participated in a phone interview via teleconference with Jennifer Edwards from the Blog Train and talked about my virtual assistance business. Jennifer is wonderful and the conversation was a lot fun! She flattered me with all of the nice tsuccessinbloom125hings she said about me and my business.

I also wrote an article that was featured on Success in Bloom, Celebrating Successful Women Owned Business Owners . I could have wrote on and on but didn’t  want to bore the poor readers to death.

On Thursday I had a meeting with my local SBA counselor (DCEO in Illinois, Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity). He was very nice and reassured me that I am heading down the right track. I am following an appropriate marketing plan. I’m not putting my eggs all in one basket. I’m utilizing several different marketing strategies, monitoring them and have slowly saw the return that generally occurs. The SBA counselor said that just because I haven’t seen a return on marketing tactics I have tried in the past does not mean I won’t in the future. Often people need to see an advertisement a few times before they will remember my existence. He suggested follow up phone calls after a direct mailing goes out and more than one mailing to the same list is OK as long as they have not expressed disinterest.

Although the counselor did not appear to be very familiar with internet marketing, I still feel confident about my visit with him. He has a lifetime of experience helping thousands of people create and manage small businesses. His assistance can’t hurt. And how awesome is it that my local SBA/DCEO adviser works directly with thousands of people that are my target audience? Being familiar with my type of services is another resource he can provide to his clients.

Friday I had a business lunch with a woman I met at a networking event last month. She called me out of the blue and asked if we could meet so she could gain a better perspective on the scope of my business. I agreed even though I knew she would not likely be a potential lead, nor me for her. (And it was not so I could sneak away for a delicious lunch-I swear 🙂 ) I am totally up for networking with other people who attend leads groups and networking events! She attends social networking groups several times a week. I work with other small business owners that could possibly utilize her printing and fax/copy equipment. Having a relationship with someone who is somewhat focused in the same direction is mutually beneficial.

We ended up having a delicious lunch, a lot of laughs and great conversation. I felt we clicked right away. She is a very sweet woman and I look forward to establishing a friendship with her.

By increasing exposure, educating people about who I am, what a virtual assistant does and what At Your Service can offer other small business owners, gives me the feeling that my business is growing. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that the word is spreading and my business is continuing to blossom.

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