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Being Productive During Down Time

What do you do with your time when business is slow? Working from home makes it a lot more tempting to slack off during down time. I could sleep in if I want to and/or take a nap. I could go to lunch with my girlfriends. I could catch up on laundry (yuck!) or start a home improvement project. Even if your office is outside the home, when business is lacking it can be tempting to play games or shop online, chit chat with friends or if feasible, catch up on your favorite soaps. But how are these actions going to contribute to gained success? Isn’t that why we are business owners to begin with? We are business owners to advance in our careers and become successful entrepreneurs.

The past few weeks I’ve had a lull in my VA business. I have taken this opportunity to create this blog 🙂 I have completed every insignificant task that sat on my to-do list for months. I’ve been spending a certain amount of hours per week practicing and sharpening my graphics skills on Gimp. (Online tutorials rock!) I’ve been working on a research project on search engine optimization. I’m hoping to attain enough knowledge from my research to write an informative article on SEO. And naturally I’ve been marketing like a maniac! I’m spending hours a day participating in forums. I went to a networking event this afternoon and have two more lined up within the next week.

I only have one super small project going at the moment which I do monthly. I’ve picked up a small assignment here and there. And although my billable workload is next to nothing, I still put in a full work day Mon-Fri. I admit, I’m guilty of waking up at 8am instead of 7am, but hey, I’m human. I don’t feel too bad for being in front of the computer (including interruptions) 9 hours a day instead of 10! I still structure my work day schedule as normal, rather than filling the slots with client projects, I fill them with my own research, my own marketing and my own continuing education.

The bottom line…perseverance is essential for success! key-to-sucess

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