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Marketing That Works-Forum Participation

Originally Written: October 10, 2008

Forum participation is a key element of Internet marketing. I have found it to be one of the most beneficial methods of my marketing strategies. I believe it is increasing my page rank from back links. It has increased traffic to my website. And forum participation has helped me build strong relationships that have developed into clients and friends.

Have your full url in your signature and every time you post, apparently it gives you a back link. When I review sites that link back to me on my website’s analytic report, my forum posts make up a majority of it. When I slack in participation, I see the number in my back links drop. Sometimes they drop significantly.

I also see that the forums I belong to are listed close to the top in my referrer sites. When I’m not regularly participating in forums, traffic to my website cuts down by almost half! Now I don’t know if people are checking out my website because they are curious about my services, or just want to know more about me. Either way, I’ll take the traffic.

The most significant component of forum participation are the relationships I’ve built. I have met some of the most wonderful people by chit chatting about personal experiences and small business ownership. I meet other entrepreneurs in the same boat as I am, only different realms of the spectrum. We all have one goal in mind and that’s success and helping others. We learn about each other, build trust, and share ideas. We find ways to help each other as friends and as business associates. If I’m in need of a service or product, naturally I’ll purchase it first from someone I know and trust. When I have a client who needs something I can’t provide, I refer them on to someone I know and trust who can fulfill their needs. The same thing vice versa. Many times people will even choose trust over price.

I have found forum participation to have the most ROI yet. I’m guilty for have slacking at it for the past several months as I’ve made a major transition. Forum participation does NOT work if you are not there regularly. Granted I have kept in touch with the close friends I’ve made previously through forums, I just haven’t established any new relationships. In order for forum participation to be effective, you must participate regularly (not just lurk), open up, be honest and be patient. You can not just pop in, throw out your elevator speech and expect to have this huge flow of customers. Most forums will ban you if your post sounds like an ad. The idea is to go in, make friends, see who you click with, allow time to pass as the relationships build, and eventually the return will come.

Be sure your intent is not manipulative or selfish. If you participate only to gain business, it shows and won’t work. Be honest, genuine and true, and good things will come to you πŸ™‚

November 7, 2008 - Posted by | Marketing

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